Each person has their own lifestyle, job, personality, and daily routine.
If you end up falling into the same pattern every day, you may forget important words and things you noticed.
Try writing them down so you can reflect on them and perhaps find a new way to express yourself.
Our Notebook can easily be added to your daily routine.
There may be days when you write down a lot of things, there may be days where you don’t write so much.
Write each day and record your thoughts just as they are.


A5 Slim Black
N-A5S-BK 210 x 130 x 12mm 280g 272 Pages

A6 Black
N-A6-BK 148 x 105 x 12mm 160g 272 Pages


A5 Slim Gray
N-A5S-GR 210 x 130 x 12mm 280g 272 Pages

A6 Gray
N-A6-GR 148 x 105 x 12mm 160g 272 Pages

Handling Instructions

– Exposing our collection to sunlight or strong lighting may cause discoloration, and the sheets may ripple or warp when in dry or humid conditions. Please take care when using or storing our collection.
– We recommend storing our collection in a cool and dry area that is not exposed to direct sunlight.